We know how tiring and time-consuming walking around all day can be. We believe riding our scooters around work places will help your staff be more productive, reduce physical exhaustion, and introduce an element of fun in their day-to-day. Because happy employees perform better at work. Our scooters can be a real cost-saver for most businesses with facilities-management needs. They are light, economical and easy to use.

The GLION is the most cost-effective means of transport to cover short distances swiftly and conveniently.


  • Align your brand with e-mobility and sustainability while injecting some fun into your employees’ commutes. Riding an electric scooter is the easiest and fastest way to move in the city. We all know urban travel can be chaotic and expensive – but it doesn’t have to be. No more arriving late or missing a meeting because of a signal failure, bad traffic, or yet another tube strike. Plus, you stand out. Imagine the impact of a branded fleet or offering the Glion 215 in the context of an employee reward program. It can even be a company perk helping you to attract new talent. For professionals with daily travel needs, commuting decisions play a major role in their lives. Adding an electric scooter to your standard-issue laptop and mobile phone can make the difference in whether that potential employee chooses you or your competition.

Communities and Security firms

  • The Glion 215 is a unique personal transportation vehicle that can be used by anyone to cover more ground in less time. It is the ideal replacement for bicycles and foot patrols. The design and the size of the vehicle permits safe patrols on sidewalks and roads. It’s easy to operate, quiet, and highly manoeuvrable – yet cost just pennies a day to operate. And because it generates zero hydrocarbon emissions, it can be used indoors as well as outdoors and around crowds.

Airports, Factories, and Warehouses

  • The Glion offers great manoeuvrability, making it very easy to operate in narrow spaces. It comes equipped with a wrist-activated brake and throttle, which allows the speed to be easily controlled inside a warehouse facility or industrial environment. It’s also water- and corrosion-resistant. And the frame is made of a T6 aircraft grade aluminum which makes the Glion the perfect utility vehicle for industrial and warehouse use.

Concerts, Events, and Trade Shows

  • From the largest sporting event to the smallest music festival, the Glion  improves the experience of organisers, vendors and emergency services by making it faster and easier to get from point A to point B.

Marinas and Yacht Clubs

  • Electric kick scooters are the perfect vehicle for marinas and yacht clubs. They’re light, small, convenient, and charge in 3.5 hours. How convenient would it be for a Marina to offer yacht owners and visitors a Glion 215 to hire for an hour or a day to go to the grocery shop or explore the city?
Why wait?

Proven Return On Investment
  • Avoid the rising cost of fuel
  • Works indoors and outdoors – Zero emission
  • Get up to 300 miles for every £ spent in electricity
  • Three times faster than walking

We come to your workplace to let you try our electric scooter. The scooters are ready to ride. If you like them, the unit(s) will be delivered directly to you.

Asset finance can be arranged and we offer a one-year warranty on fleet sales. We can also provide leasing options.

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